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It’s time to set ME goals and set WE goals

We’re into the fourth week of January. It’s true. How do I know this? My husband’s been sunburnt many times already and his freckles are joining up. That’s how I know we’ve hit the peak of summer in Melbourne.

Apparently now is the time for many of us to drop the ball on all those new year ‘resolutions’. Research has found that two in three people give up their resolutions by 31 January – so don’t beat yourself up too much.  My hands have started reaching back into the salt and vinegar chippies and the time I’m spending scrolling on socials is sharply on the incline. 

There is a science to goal setting. How you set goals dictates whether you’re likely to achieve them. So I really should have known better than setting ‘avoidant’ rather than ‘approach’ goals. Instead of just laying off the chips, I should be focused on becoming healthier.

If you’re interested, you can read more about the different types of goals here

Here’s what else I’ve noticed… We’re all so focused on ourselves.

Our goals and intentions and resolutions are focusing inwards. 

Point your index finger to your nose and ask yourself “Is this true for me?” 

Now I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. Oxygen mask on first, always. But like most things in life, it’s not an ‘or’ type situation. We have to think about the ‘and’ too.

It’s time to set ME goals and set WE goals.

When it comes to goals at work, think beyond your own focus for the year, what’s the next phase of development look like for your team?

A good place to start is by having this conversation. Not by pointing to your own nose, but by having the conversation openly. 

What’s the next phase of development look like for our team? What do we want to achieve together? Is your team struggling to focus? Are people pulling in different directions? 

Start this year right with your team and set your goals together.

When we think about what a team can achieve, Aristotle’s got it right – “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

So you need a plan to help your team get you there.

My One page, Same page program will get your team back on track, define team goals and establish best ways of working to succeed together.  

The session includes:

  • The creation of a team development plan (this is not an individual development plan, it’s development for the team)
  • A roadmap that outlines the team strengths and areas to focus on
  • Establishing team goals – and my support in deciding the best ways to achieve them. 

This week, try asking your team:

  • What are we here for? 
  • What knowledge, skills and capabilities does our team need so we can deliver our purpose?
  • How can we take individual and collective responsibilities for the learning that needs to take place?


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