Strong connections are key to ‘new normal’ ways of working 

And we’re not talking about your wi-fi I was recently looking at a banner in my home office that was made when we first launched The Intime Collective which reads ‘wellbeing at home, wellbeing at work’.  Back then (well before COVID) this was something that had to be explained. I’d enter meetings armed with research […]

Three ways to enhance communication in your relationships

Strong relationships, and importantly, the skills needed to sustain these, underpin how teams work, how leaders serve, how work gets done and how hearts are filled.  At their best, what do your most important relationships look like? And what would happen if you brought 5% more awareness to the relationship? Take a minute to really […]

Trust: not easy to build, but easily broken

We all know that trust is critical to a good relationship – whether it’s personal or professional. But what about how to build that trust in the first place? Well, there are no shortcuts I’m afraid. Building trust requires a foundation of honesty and integrity and a concerted investment in time – from powerful moments […]

Dads – they’re amazing

I recently uncovered some fascinating research around the way COVID-19 and the restrictions that came with it have affected relationships between fathers and their children. Report number 4 from the Families in Australia Survey: Life During COVID-19 indicated that during the various lockdowns across the country and the need for many parents to work from […]

The 9 secret ingredients for a Valentine’s Day you’ll never forget

It’s that time of year again. It’s coming up to Valentine’s Day, and our supermarket aisles are filled with all its cutesy trappings. You know the drill: teddy bears, red-and-pink card displays, roses, chocolates. Things that smell nice, or taste good, or even sparkle a little… and all in the name of a little thing […]

Emotional Flooding and the pursuer-distancer cycle

We’ve been navigating all sorts of changes in our relationships over the last 12 months (if you’ve been working from home, may well have seen more of your partner in the last year than you have in the rest of your relationship!). I’ve heard from many friends and clients who have described seeing their partners […]

Coaching — it’s all about giving back!

2021 is finally upon us – and it’s fair to say we’ve been hanging out for it! I’m so buzzed about the year ahead. It’s a cliché, but this year of all years, I think a lot of us will be looking forward to the fresh start. In some cases, that will include reflections on […]

Are you a work-life integrator or segmentor?

“You’re on mute.” The most-uttered phrase of 2020? Since the start of the year, when “WFH” became commonplace, I’ve had numerous conversations with clients and friends about the way their attitude to remote working might have changed. While some people have mentioned that they are “missing the face-to-face interactions with colleagues that are really important […]

Caught in a trap….I can’t walk out…

It’s not often I’m able to paraphrase Elvis in a blog post, but – well, I couldn’t resist on this occasion. We’re finally into November, but 2020 has been… umm… 2020. And in nearly every conversation I’ve had with my friends, family and coaching clients in recent weeks and months, we’ve touched on disbelief around […]

What’s your happy place?

We’re all in need of a little positivity right now. If you’re on our mailing list, you’ll hopefully have seen my recent email in which I shared my joy in seeing my 4-year-old son dance around the house to Martin Garrix. It got me thinking about our “happy places”– I love dance music and I’m […]

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