The World of Work is thrilled to announce first employer partner

Whitehaven Coal has partnered with the World of Work to share the many opportunities they have available for women at all stages of life and to connect with our program’s high-calibre female talent. The World of Work is an Australian-first program designed to support women looking to return to the workforce or change careers. The […]

Register now: design your career with the World of Work

The Intime Collective Director Louise Gilbert is thrilled to announce that registrations are now open for the first intake of the new World of Work Program. The innovative program, which launches from 26 October, is designed to support women looking to return to work or change careers. “From applying for new jobs to completely changing careers or […]

World of Work: reflecting on early testing and feedback

As my husband said: you don’t put a new choccy bar on the shelf without doing a bit of taste testing first! And he’s right – feedback is the breakfast of champions (and some might say chocolate is too…) So that’s what we did for our new World of Work Program. It’s the first program […]

Photo of Louise Gilbert, Director of The Intime Collective and Partner in The World of Work, smiling in front of a table

Employers: help us support women returning to work or changing careers

The world of work is constantly changing, so it can be hard to decide the next step to take in your career. It is time for a promotion? A career change? Or to return to work after a break? In particular, it can be challenging for many women to re-enter the workforce or change careers […]

Succeed with safety: why psychological safety is critical to team performance

Did you ever play the game ‘barley’ when you were a child? You know, where you’d run from post to post in an effort to find something safe. You’d avoid getting tagged otherwise you’d be ‘it’. These days, I think the game of barley has evolved to ‘the floor is lava’. Fall onto the ground […]

New program to empower healthier, happier women in work

The Intime Collective has been named one of the successful recipients of a grant from a $10 million Federal Government investment into projects that focus on increasing career opportunities and pathways for women. Founder of The Intime Collective, Louise Gilbert, has joined forces with Tanaz Byramji of Tanaz Coaching and Consulting and Allan Gatenby of […]

A man and a woman with their backs to the camera

Case study: Large health insurer investing in employees’ social wellbeing

We recently worked with a large health insurance company, and in support of their Q1 focus on social wellbeing, armed their employees with practical and evidence-based ways to create stronger and more fulfilling connections with the people in their lives. This company had offered programs focused on connection within teams and in the workplace in […]

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Boost team performance through better connections

We’re three months into 2022 (yes, already!) and given new year’s resolutions tend to drop off by about week three, now feels like the perfect time to take stock. Many of us are returning to the office, networking, socialising – and just generally getting back to ‘normal’. But does that mean we actually feel more […]

Strong connections are key to ‘new normal’ ways of working 

And we’re not talking about your wi-fi I was recently looking at a banner in my home office that was made when we first launched The Intime Collective which reads ‘wellbeing at home, wellbeing at work’.  Back then (well before COVID) this was something that had to be explained. I’d enter meetings armed with research […]

Three ways to enhance communication in your relationships

Strong relationships, and importantly, the skills needed to sustain these, underpin how teams work, how leaders serve, how work gets done and how hearts are filled.  At their best, what do your most important relationships look like? And what would happen if you brought 5% more awareness to the relationship? Take a minute to really […]

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